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Voice Over IP
Hypersurf is dedicated to providing rock solid VOIP Service

When it comes to VOIP Service solutions, Hypersurf has the Voice options you are looking for

HyperSurf VOIP service provides customers a way to save money on their phone service. Most businesses realize that the old way of providing phone service is outdated. Pots lines and old phone systems are a thing of the past. VOIP service allows businesses to leverage against their current internet connection to reduce phone costs. In addition VOIP per minute charges are typically much lower than physical based phone service.

VOIP Service setup is easy with the use of voip phones that connect to a central VOIP server across your current internet connection. HyperSurf provides complete setup and support for all your VOIP needs.

We offer many levels of VOIP Services. Residential VOIP service for customers who have DSL at their home. We also offer multi phone Business VOIP service for our customer who have broadband internet connections, so our VOIP service can scale as your business grows.

Give us a call at 877 702-783 to get a personalized VOIP Service pricing quote.

Custom Business VOIP Service:

Custom VOIP service is perfect for any businesses. A sales representative will come to your site and design a custom package based on your needs. This could range from providing individual phones for each employee, to a full blown server that allows custom voice mail. The system could also handle different call routing such as call forwarding to a cell phone. Call now to setup an appointment for custom VOIP service..

Custom VOIP Service
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Business VOIP Service:

Business VOIP service is suited for small to medium businesses. It only requires the purchase of VOIP phones that will connect to our centrally located VOIP server. No need to have an antiquated phone system around. Sign up for 3 year contract and we will provide the equipment you need to get started. Individual lines starting at $14.99 month.

Business VOIP Service
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Residential VOIP Service:

Silver Metro Ethernet service is perfect for the small to medium business. It supports upload and download speeds of 10M. This service targets small businesses who have outgrown their multiple T1 service(6M). This service can be upgraded to next level. Sign up for 1 year contract and we will provide the equipment for free..

Residential VOIP Service
Features what is thisAddons to the Dynamic DSL Packages
remote access to voicemail Green Arrow Free
Ability to forward calls Green Arrow Free
Voicemail to Email Green Arrow Free
Tech Support Green Arrow Free
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