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Metered Phone Line Service

Most people today dont have a need for a land line(home phone line). Most of us have cell phones that we use for our calling, whether it be business or pleasure. However, in order to have DSL service you need a land based phone line.

ATT has a phone service called "Metered Phone Service". The way it works is you get unlimited incoming calls, and a limited number of outgoing calls. The service is perfect for those people who dont actually use their land line, so it really doesnt matter how many outgoing calls you get. The best thing about it is the service is cheaper that your normal home phone service.

The cost is about $7 for the service, and maybe another $7 in taxes. So your total for the bare line is around $15. You will have to call ATT customer support for exact pricing, but its worth the hassle to save a little money. So if you dont have a need for a regular land based phone line, then metered phone service is the answer.

So give us a call at 877 702-7873 to get started with a home DSL line.

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